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The current Book Club is full. Our next club begins in Summer 2019.

I had very limited time to prepare for recruiting season, but the principles and exercises in this book quickly developed me into a seasoned interviewee.

Quickly developed me into a seasoned interviewee, 5-Stars

I felt that taking time to master basic behavioral techniques helped me land multiple offers in my MBA recruiting and I’d encourage other MBA candidates to consider reading this book instead of winging it during interview season.

Helped me land multiple offers in my MBA recruiting, 5-Stars

Put simply, if you want a book to help you get the job of your dreams, don’t pass up on this one. David and his content have empowered me to walk into interviews with the confidence needed to win over any interviewer.

Win over any interviewer, 5-Stars

After applying the learning from this book, I got a follow-up interview with the same company and landed an offer. Thank you Interview Logic and David Ohrvall, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Landed an Offer, 5-Stars
Join the Book Club
Our current book club is full.
The next book club will begin in Summer 2019.

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