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Be Answer-First

Communicate with confidence, clarity and precision to connect with any interviewer.

Know Your Value

Review critical decisions, areas of impact and accomplished goals to understand the value you’ll bring to any company.

Connect Your Experience

Role play your experience with tough questions and learn to connect your unique value to the needs of your target employer.

Interview LOGIC eBook Only

  • 244 pages, delivered instantly to your preferred device.
  • Learn how to answer tough questions with engaging, on-point communication.
  • Discover the 5 critical skills employers look for in new hires.
  • Craft compelling stories to showcase your skills and experience.
  • Step-by-step exercises and worksheets to build your skills quickly.

Online Course + eBook

  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 videos with David, most are under 5 minutes to easily fit your busy schedule.
  • 20 videos with our cast of 9 characters who show you how to apply the techniques.
  • Step-by-step exercises and worksheets to build your skills quickly.
  • Interview LOGIC eBook delivered instantly to your device.
  • Be interview ready in less than one day!

Online Course + Coaching

  • 2 hours of private coaching with David Ohrvall, creator of Interview LOGIC (via Zoom).
  • Limited Availbility – David can only take 10 clients at this time, due to his speaking schedule.
  • Interview LOGIC Online Course (Lifetime Access)
  • Interview LOGIC eBook
  • Invest in yourself and change your future!

David Ohrvall: Your Interview Success Coach

Hi I’m David Ohrvall, over the last 15 years I’ve taught over 75,000 of the world’s top business students how to succeed in job interviews and get more offers. Now I would like to help you! I’ll teach you how to connect with your interviewers, convey your unique value and land the job of your dreams. Interview LOGIC Online gives you my best, time tested strategies for getting ready fast. This fun and entertaining program will give you the skills you need to separate yourself from the competition and get more offers. In today’s competitive market, every interview is vital. Don’t just hope for success. Let’s work together to make it happen!

Interview Logic Online

Whether your next interview is 48 hours or a week away, you’ve come to the right place.

See what some of our students have to say!

“David’s book offers tactical strategies to improve interview performance with activities and insights that will grant readers a clear understanding of interview logic. Many students and candidates come to me feeling intimidated and overwhelmed, even the most gifted and talented. This book is enlightening for all and if you are a current student, I wouldn’t advise you to simply skip the career center, but instead read this to compliment your career preparation focus and find ways to leverage the most of your campus team.”

Lily S.

“This book is an excellent tool for those of us who are looking to add something more to our interview repertoire. The level of detail and concise writings are useful and entertaining. The book finds a way to make preparing for interviews not so mundane, and in doing so has decreased my performance anxiety in real-world interview situations.”

Nick W.

“In this straightforward and easy-to-read book, David Ohrvall lays out a clear approach for all of your interview needs. For those who struggle with behavioral interviews (those “tell me about a time when…” questions), Ohrvall provides tools and approaches that can easily be added to your toolkit and help you nail your next interview. His IMPACT framework for generating interview anecdotes is especially helpful. This is a great book for interview candidates of all career stages.”

Robert M.

“I liked that David Ohrvall provides a different look at how to answer interview questions using a framework to construct stories that follow a different structure from the more generic STAR”

Mark W.

“I had been struggling with giving concise answers to behavioral interview questions in my previous interviews. It gave me a great structure to make my answers brief but more powerful. David’s format of the book where you see multiple personalities at different career stages going through the process of being answer first is very unique and makes it so easy to grasp the learning.
After applying the learning from this book, I got a follow up interview with the same company and landed an offer. Thank you Interview Logic and David Orhvall, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Altaf M.

“David’s work in Interview LOGIC was outstanding. I received from him theoretical material, practicing exercises and personalized feedback, which allowed me to acquire knowledge and improve skills at interviews. It’s not only a one time influence, but gave me the tools to prepare on my own. I already implemented his advice in real life with a positive result.”

Monica S.

“Ohrvall puts together a solid framework and tools to structuring your interview so that stick out from the other candidates. His approach not only helps you prepare for the interview, but more importantly, the approaches in the book help you identify your key strengths and pinpoint your values to highlight.”

Chris R.

“As someone currently interviewing, the principles in this book have helped me setup a framework for organizing and presenting my experience in the best possible way. I’ve benefited from Interview Logic and David’s in-person teaching and am through to the final round of interviews. I’m grateful for this resource and highly recommended it to anyone who wants to improve their interview and communication skills!”

Marie J.

“This is an excellent book. I like the graphic practice from the book. Also along with the online video lesson, this would be great to get all important questions ready. I even refer this book to three of my classmates. During my interview, I incorporated a few of his recommendations. One of the recommendations that is very good is to really focus time and effort on crafting excellent stories of you career change.He also makes a great point about not memorizing your responses and by rehearsing them ideally using video. His recommendation regarding creating numerous key points makes a lot of sense and can be used to respond to various behavioral questions.”

Tania P.

“Having attended David’s interview preparation session for MBA students “Crack the Case” I was very sure that this book would be a good guidepost for the MBA students or recent graduates for their interviews. I was not disappointed. This book presents a novel approach to prepare for entry into career any MBA student aspires. The role play student characters with different backgrounds, career goals, and interview challenges cover a broad spectrum of interview preparation aspects. I strongly recommend this book as a great tool to complement the interview prep efforts.”

Saamer D.

Stop bombing interviews and learn how you can pitch your unique perspective for any role!

Isaac Castro
Isaac CastroUndergraduate
Song Chen
Song ChenUndergraduate
Tomas Bohm
Tomas BohmUndergraduate
Susan Driscoll
Susan Driscoll Part-time MBA
Alyssa Harris
Alyssa HarrisUndergraduate
Mingli Zheng
Mingli ZhengUndergraduate
Aditya Khan
Aditya KhanMBA
Emily Flock
Emily FlockMBA


“If you put in to practice the principles of Interview LOGIC you will find yourself not only more confident in interviews, but also in presenting your best self in daily life. David and his content have empowered me to walk into interviews with the confidence needed to win over any interviewer. I was quite successful, went to several final rounds, have one offer on the table, and am hoping for two more this next week.”

Paul M.

“For those who struggle with behavioral interviews (those “tell me about a time when…” questions), Ohrvall provides tools and approaches that can easily be added to your toolkit and help you nail your next interview. His IMPACT framework for generating interview anecdotes is especially helpful. This is a great book for interview candidates of all career stages.”

Robert K.

“As an experienced career coach who helps both early career clients and seasoned executives prep for interviews, this book does an outstanding job of clearly explaining the key elements of content and structure you need to be a standout interview candidate, and very practical tips/exercises for building compelling interview stories. A must read for anyone new to interviewing or needing to refresh on how to interview effectively.”

Michelle A.

“Even if you have NO interview experience at all, this program will help you build your skills step by step. It makes interview preparation so much easier.”

Vicky J.

“I am using this book for my company interviews at business school and find it extremely helpful. David does a great job at explaining what matters in a behavioral interview, not just in terms of content, but also communication. Strongly recommended read for anyone preparing for any job interviews!”

Abhinav K.

“David is well versed in the interview preparation arena and Interview Logic represents a practical approach to making sure you are prepared to distinguish yourself in the interview process. The book is a common sense approach that walks you through the steps to make sure you are prepared to land your dream job. The book is laid out with easy to follow steps. I would definitely recommend to anyone that needs a nudge and structure to make sure you follow through on adequate preparation.”

Stephen H.
“This book provides an excellent framework and methodology to help enhance your interview skills. Applying some of the basic principles helps you differentiate yourself and stand out as a clear, concise communicator. I felt that taking time to master basic behavioral techniques helped me land multiple offers in my MBA recruiting and I’d encourage other MBA candidates to consider reading this book instead of winging it during interview season.”
James K.

“Great framework. Absolutely loved the the Answer First approach explained in this book. I have interviewed many times before, but this book made me realize that I needed to revamp my answers.”

Pablo K.

“David Ohrvall’s interview logic book helped me think more clearly about how to communicate my accomplishments in an interview setting. So many of us ramble, never get to the point, or just bore our interviewers. Through this book, David clearly outlines how to engage your interviewer through a series of modules that written as a story so they are easier to follow. I think this book has better prepared me to interview than the general curriculum in my current MBA program. While my program is quite good, after reading this book, I see they still fall into some of the important traps David outlines and helps his readers avoid.”

Brian A.

“As an MBA student, I found David’s book to be very informative, straightforward and interesting. The approach and principles he teaches in the book are very easy to understand and apply. I think anyone who wants to prepare for a career in consulting would need to consider learning from this book. I particularly liked the illustrative nature of the book where in each chapter he followed with real-life examples to demonstrate a particular principle.

Overall, the book quality is very good and I would recommend to readers who are preparing for a career in consulting.”

Steven L.