Meet Your Cohort

Isaac Castro

Isaac is a natural entertainer who is smart but a bit unfocused. He has a lot of friends, and is quick to crack a joke. He wants a good job, but he wants to have a good time along the way.

Meet Isaac

Song Chen

Song loves to learn and is highly empathetic. Her parents’ wishes for her future weigh heavy on her as she ponders taking a new career path. Her independence and confidence are growing.

Meet Song

Tomas Bohm

Tomas is a natural leader who typically succeeds. Born into a wealthy, but tough business-minded family, he knows how to prove himself. But learning how to be ready for interviews is all new to him.

Meet Tomas

Susan Driscoll

Susan is loyal to her past company. She pushed herself to get her MBA part-time, but seizing a new opportunity is an even bigger stretch. She feels committed to those who helped her in the past.

Meet Susan

Alyssa Harris

Alyssa is driven to succeed. She’s competitive and wants to prove herself. She plans to be well prepared for her interviews and has her eye on a career at a fast-growing cosmetics company.

Meet Alyssa

Emily Flock

Emily is switching from the fine art world to business. She often feels overwhelmed, and her interview challenges are not helping. She needs to discover her value and find a new direction.

Meet Emily

Aditya Khan

Aditya is ready for an upgrade. Joining a top-tier, strategy consulting firm is his ultimate dream. He loves working with clients but wants to leave tech consulting behind. He is researching every option.

Meet Aditya

Katerina Petrov

Katerina wants to make a difference in the world. She is talented with languages and business but does not want to take a traditional path. Her passion is to create a career with meaning.

Meet Katerina

Mingli Zheng

Mingli is passionate about staying authentic. Expressing his individualism and pursuing a unique opportunity are critical to him. He is tempted to overlook opportunities and skip the interview prep.

Meet Mingli

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